St. Francis Community Foundation
The principal and income from the Senior Living for Cheyenne County Fund will be utilized for charitable purposes that provide or support senior living and/or long-term care in Cheyenne County, both for the aged and those in need.

Assuring that Cheyenne County continues to retain a good long term care facility is one of the primary goals of the Senior Living Fund. The foundation board has offered the county commissioners access to proceeds from this fund for the researching improvements to the county owned Good Samaritan Society - Cheyenne County facility. Funds could also be utilized to research renovations to this aged facility. The Advisory Board for this fund is the local Community Foundation Board.

This fund can be utilized for other senior living needs. Grants have been disbursed for improvements to the Senior Center. The foundation board is always seeking input from the community to utilize proceeds from this Fund to improve living conditions for seniors in Cheyenne County. Please contact board members with ideas for possible grants.

2015 Grant Funding

Senior Living Field of Interest Fund - $8,250.46 total

$4,168 - St. Francis Senior Center - Commercial Upright Freezer
$2,500 - Cheyenne County EMS - St. Francis Ambulance Power lift for Gurney
$1,582.46 - St. Francis Emergency Medical Building - Stand-by emergency generator

To view, download, or print a pdf copy of the Giving For Living Flyer, please click here.

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Senior Living Fund for Cheyenne County