St. Francis Community Foundation
The St. Francis Community Foundation and New Generation Fund was formed in 2007, replacing the New Generation Fund Inc. We are affiliated with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, who provides consultation, investment and oversight services to our foundation. The purpose of the community foundation is to encourage individuals to make tax deductible charitable donations to be utilized along with possible grants, government programs, government loans, and other funds. These combined funds can then be utilized to improve the quality of life in St. Francis and Cheyenne County.

This fund was established in 2013. Through generous donations from board members, this is the second largest fund of the foundation. An unrestricted fund allows a donor to fund future needs of our community without any constraints. The local advisory board has full discretion in utilizing these funds. Unexpected charitable needs arise in the community that need funding. A well-funded unrestricted fund provides the foundation an opportunity to address these needs. Unrestricted funds also allows the local board to be proactive in planning for and addressing future needs in St. Francis and Cheyenne County.

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Grow St Francis Unrestricted Fund