St. Francis Community Foundation
The St. Francis Community Foundation and New Generation Fund was formed in 2007, replacing the New Generation Fund Inc. We are affiliated with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, who provides consultation, investment and oversight services to our foundation.

The purpose of the community foundation is to encourage individuals to make tax deductible charitable donations to be utilized along with possible grants, government programs, government loans, and other funds. These combined funds can then be utilized to improve the quality of life in St. Francis and Cheyenne County.

A local advisory board advises the board of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation on service needs of the community. The local advisory board includes the following members: Dara Carmichael, Mike Day, Scott Jenkins, Tom Keller, Carla Lampe, Jim Milliken, Eddy Schultz, Carol Sloper, Tom Smull, Bruce Swihart, and Carl Werner.

The St Francis Community Foundation is made up of four types of accounts.The New Generation Fund is an endowment fund, which means the principal of the fund can never be spent. However, the earnings received from this fund can be utilized to promote the goals of the foundation and community. The Senior Living Fund for Cheyenne County is structured so that the full amount of the fund is available to support projects as recommended by the advisory board. This fund is classified as a field-of-interest fund, focusing on a general field of interest. The Swimming Pool and Recreation Fund and Motorcycle Museum Fund are also structured so that the full amount of the funds are available to support specific projects as directed by the advisory board. These two funds are special project funds. The Grow St. Francis Unrestricted Fund is also a new fund. This fund is available to support many needs in our community at the discretion of the local advisory board. Other possible funds include; donor-advised, scholarship, and administrative funds.

Donors can make cash donations; gifts of real estate (pdf), i.e. farm land, insurance policies, stocks, farm commodities, etc. This attached document gives a brief description of a community foundation, what is a community foundation?(pdf)

A recent study by Wichita State University for the Kansas Health Foundation reveals the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next is an opportunity in all Kansas counties for local charitable giving. View the following link to learn more about Keep 5 in Kansas and Keep 5 in CN County. Counties with aging populations, such as Cheyenne County, will find the transfer of wealth is expected to peak and then start to decline within the 50-year time span. This opportunity for Cheyenne County to support our community's needs will diminish over time.

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