St. Francis Community Foundation
The purpose of the community foundation is to encourage individuals to make tax deductible charitable donations to improve St. Francis and Cheyenne County. These donations along with possible grants, government programs, government loans and other funds, when combined can then be utilized to improve the quality of life in St. Francis and Cheyenne County.

The St. Francis Community Foundation currently has five (5) active funds. One can easily make donations to any of these funds directly on this website. The New Generation Endowment Fund is the oldest fund, originally established in 1989. The foundation board accepts grant applications annually for charitable purposes in Cheyenne County and disburses the earnings from this endowment fund for worthy causes. The principal portion of this fund can never be spent, only the earnings from this fund. The Senior Living Fund for Cheyenne County is currently the largest fund held by the foundation. It is a field-of-interest fund for senior citizen needs in Cheyenne County. The foundation board accepts grant applications annually and disburses grants for the benefit of the aged. The Grow St. Francis Unrestricted Fund was established by the foundation board in 2013. This unrestricted fund allows donors to contribute to a fund in which the foundation board has the discretion to support developing community needs. The St. Francis Educational Fund was established for the benefit of the USD 297 school district. Annual net income from the Fund will be available to distribute for benefit of the school and students. The Swimming Pool & Recreation Fund was established as a special project fund for the design, short and long term financing, construction and maintenance of a new swimming pool in St. Francis. This fund could possibly address other possible recreational needs for St. Francis.

2016 Grant Funding
Cheyenne Center for Creativity (CC4C), $800 for 2016 2nd Annual Kids Summer Drama Camp being held June 27 – July 1. This project provides an educational opportunity for children to learn production, staging, acting, etc. in an experimental and fun atmosphere.

Cheyenne County Development Corp, $1,500 for insulation and replacement of a garage door for the CCDC buildings. The project will significantly lower utility bills and protect materials and equipment that are stored in the building from environmental elements.

Cheyenne County Historical Society, $900 towards supplies and furniture to continue development of the museum’s new Genealogy Corner. The project will provide a user-friendly space that makes it easier for the public to research Cheyenne County history, family heritage, and other historical information through books, internet, microfilm, newspapers, photos, and legal documents.

Cheyenne County Emergency Management, $675 for a small form factor, portable, wireless projector that can be used in the Mobile Command vehicle for disaster response, training, and planning.

City of St. Francis, $625 to be used by the city to put toward new playground equipment in the city parks. A new playground structure will further enhance the playground area that was improved through a recent Dane G. Hansen Foundation Grant.

2015 Grant Funding
Unrestricted Funds:
ABC Preschool ($4883)
Fire Dept hydraulic lift ($550)
SF Community Builders, leadership training, $500
CN CO Kids Wrestling, $1500

Senior Living Fund: $54,165 Senior Living Assessment and Planning

New Gen Fund: CC4C ($600) and Motorcycle Museum ($2,000)

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